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Sales Speaking Testimonials

What others have to say about Barb Girson’s Sales Speaking Expertise!


Pearl Interactive Network Guest SpeakerPIN New Logo

Topic:  What is Working with Networking? (and What Is Not Working?)



   “Polished, professional and personable. Delivered what I had hoped for. “ Merry Korn, President/CEO, Pearl Interatcive Network, Inc.



What Participants Had to Say..

“Easy demeanor, non-threatening, engaging.”  Diane Schrimpf, Vice President, Operations

“Very friendly and easy to understand. So helpful!”  Kris Warner

“Brief time together but packed full of great info and effective ways to change my approach to get the results I desire.”  Melissa Metzger, Chief Financial Officer

“I learned many tips for dealing with my insecurities in networking. Especially FORM.”  Nancy Bethel

“Great points, engaging, worth having her present to us.”  Barb Rockwell

“This was a great workshop. I learned some great new tips.”  Faye Oney

“She is very open and honest and pointing out ways to improve. Great job!”  Tammy Hatcher


Norma Rowland, Team Leader, Blessings Unlimited“Thanks so much for your inspiring words as the keynote speaker at the Blessings Unlimited National Conference! I’m looking forward to reviewing my notes and using some of your fabulous ideas!” – Norma Rowland, Team Leader, Blessings Unlimited


“You were great, Barb!” —Amber Mabry, A Payne’s Design 


Laurie Groves, Executive Director  Melaleuca,Inc“I attended the AWB event on October 12 where you were the featured sales speaker. I have been successfully self employed for 30 years and have listened to a lot of speakers through the years. I just had to let you know what an exceptional job you did talking about follow up! The information has come back to mind many times over the past few weeks and has proven valuable(which is the only really good info…the useful kind!). I found your approach and entertaining style made learning easy. I am sure I have not heard as good of a “belly laugh out loud” speaker as you. Great talk. Thank you for your information.” – Laurie Groves, Executive Director, Melaleuca, Inc


“Barb is a lot of fun and has a fresh approach to goal-setting. Thank you.” —Rhonda Bates, Seacret


Sheri Chaney Jones, President, Measurement Resources Company“Like a lot of other women, the scariest part of being an entrepreneur for me is the act of selling. That is why I am so thankful I attended Barb Girson’s presentation. Her fun and easygoing style, along with the action-packed content inspired me to step up my sales strategies. She helped me look at sales from a different angle and gave me ideas to confidently and authentically make those sales contacts. Since her presentation, I have made several follow up contacts that I would not have made before going to her presentation. Her advice is already paying off. I highly recommend her presentations to any entrepreneur who wants to sharpen their selling skills.” Sheri Chaney Jones, President, Measurement Resources Company


Informative and insightful. ” —Hannah Botkin, Doty, Doty & Obenour


Paula Darr President and CEO of Platinum Traveler“Wow, I feel like we are old friends even though we just met at the national conference where you were the keynote speaker. Thank you for everything, and for making my job look easy. You are so organized!

I had lunch with several of the teams yesterday and as we debriefed, of course your training sessions came up. They loved your presentations and your message, and how you embraced their culture. And of course, they are all so impressed with how easy and fun you make sales.

If someone would like to contact me as an industry reference regarding your speaking abilities and professionalism, I would be more than happy to be an industry reference for you at any time.” – Paula Darr, President & CEO, Platinum Meetings (TM)

“Thank you, Barb, for the springboard to get focused! ” —Deanna Wright, Proven Promo LLC


Mary C Slane, Slane Financial

“I have heard Barb Girson speak many times and I keep coming back for more. I always learn new things to help me grow my business.” – Mary Slane, Slane Financial


“Great presentation- short, sweet, to the point. Basics revised.” —Connie Coughenour, Fitness 5 


On behalf of the Dean Jeff Russell and the faculty of Ashland University’s College of Business and Economics, I want to thank you for the wonderful presentation on “Small Business Sales Tactics” given last Wednesday evening. With classes on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Tuesday/Thursday rotation, it always takes a few days to fully assess the impact presenters have on our students.

I am happy to report that the student reaction to your presentation was fantastic. They enjoyed the interactive nature of the discussion and of course they loved hearing about your personal experiences. Several of students commented that hearing your success story gave them additional confidence to start their own businesses after graduation.

Thank you once again for your interest in Ashland University and for providing our students with such a positive role model.” – Daniel W. Sullivan, Ed.D., J.D., Ashland University

“Energizing!” —Cheryl Hager


Ohio Wesleyan University Guest Speaker

OWU LogoTopic:  What is Working with Networking? (and What Is Not Working?)


What Participants Had to Say..

“Barb was very engaging and energetic, not to mention knowledgeable!” Brian Williams

“Barb Girson’s presentation was very helpful and simple. Tips to help difficult situations.” Joelle Trubowitz

“I learned a lot from Barb today about networking.” Andrea Burns

She was friendly and open with helpful tips. She was very interactive.” Emi Keiser

“She makes you realize how easy networking can be.” Alice Simon

“Really good and simple ways to improve your networking skills.” Erica Shah

“I really enjoy your personal stories and learn many tips that I thought it was ordinary and forget.” Amy Nhi Nguyen

“Her stories related to my life and were really funny.” Abigail Hanson

“Barb made me feel very confident in myself and my abilities. She was engaging and I enjoyed her presentation.” Allison Dawson

“Barb was very clear and concise about her ideas about networking. And her style of presenting was anecdotal and easy-going by interactive.” Houston Smith

“Very thankful to have attended this presentation. Tips on smiling and body language will definitely be helpful when I attend future events because they aren’t aspects I normally think about.” Erica Evans

“I enjoyed the personal stories the most. Barb is really easy to connect and relate to.” Lily Pham


logo_damesbondDames Bond Guest Speaker

Topic:  Selling Who you ARE


What Participants Had to Say..

“I appreciated your energy level. The example about the treasure chest was great! I thought maybe he should just go around the obstacle but had he gone around, he would not have found the treasure. Good stuff!”   Nolita Berger, Recovery Through the Arts

“A very positive experience that opened my mind and eyes to new and greater potential!”   Lisa Cliff, Paint Sip & Soul with Lisa

“To be more positive and change my outlook. Changing my mind will change my results.”  Vernita Johnson, Shy-Stones

“You are the greatest. When I leave you, I always feel bullet proof!”    Phyllis McFarland, ACN


Grove City Chamber of Commerce Lunch & Learn Series Guest Speaker

Grove City ChamberTopic:  What is Working with Networking?


What Participants Had to Say…

“You are real and down to earth. Keep up the good work. Thank you.” Dominic Cercone, Wedgewood Pizza

“Great information and energy!” Jennifer Dimel, Blue Grass Quality Meats

“It was great advice & strategy.” Megan Witteman, Wieging Chiropractic/Mary Kay

“Very interesting, informative, and interactive.” Catherine Roebuck, First Service Federal Credit Union

“Barb was fun! Great stories!” Trish Zelenak, Maximum Impact Healthy Lifestyle Coaching

“Good job!” Julie Thacker, Grove City Family Dentistry

“Very positive & engaging.” Leslie Attwooll, Harrison College

“Barb made it real — practical advice.” Karen Kraft, Emeritus at Pinnacle

“Be selective in opportunities. Cost/benefit.” Eric Lutz, Sunset Cemetery

“Asks for input from the audience and makes each presentation somewhat different.” Ann-Louise DeVoe, Scentsy & Nordic Light America

“Very interesting & helpful.” Peggy Frebault, Heartland Bank

“Thanks for keeping it light yet informative!” Becky Norman-Brown, The Wave Design Center

“Barb’s presentation emphasizes positive, value-oriented advice that applies to a wide variety of professionals.” Kelley Davidson, Grove City Communications

“Very happy to meet you.” Patti Crego, Ohio Health


BrightFire Network Guest Speaker

BrightFire Logo

Topic: Selling – Remember Who You A.R.E. – A High-heeled Approach

What Participants Had to Say…

“”I truly enjoyed your tips: A-R-E, I liked this concept!”– Maritza Anthony, AVON

“Barb gave great everyday reminders how to keep yourself motivated in sales.” – Havillonck Maxwell, Havilland Maxwell Voiceovers

“Enjoyed the acronym — how it is true for everyone.” – Komal Narula, Arbonne

“Very impressive talk.” – Qin Lu, Acupuncture of Dublin

“Barb is a great presenter.” – Dalene Pivetta, Wright Pat Credit Union

“Barb is very knowledgeable & fun!” – Deanna Martin, Remax Associates

“Barb is an energetic force for helping sales professionals move towards success.” – Suzanne Rucker, Women’s Life

“Very friendly & knowledgeable.” – Kim Crigger,

“Awesome presentation!” – Aja Smithey

“I really enjoyed the stories from both Barb and the other group participants. They help demonstrate the points being made.” – Lorie McCabe, Apex Payroll



Dublin Chamber of Commerce Lunch & Learn Series Guest Speaker

Dublin Chamber of Commerce

Topic: Remember Who You A.R.E.

“Thank you to Lisa Cailor, Dublin Chamber Member Services” – Barb Girson

What Participants Had to Say…

“This was a great luncheon! Re-energized me and gave me great ideas and new approach for sales.” – Rachel Orndorff, Servpro of NE Columbus

“I’m a new business and I needed a ‘pick me up’ and I got it! Thank you, Barb!” – Karen Millar, Secure Independence

“This class was fun and engaging. I really learned a lot of new ideas.” – Hannah Wright, Scott’s Customer Jewelers

“Loved the speech” – Kimberly Frank, Made From Scratch

“This has been an important tool for rejuvenating myself for future sales.” – Rejeana Woolum-Napier, Comp Management, INC.

“Thank you so much for your ideas and enthusiasm.” – Gianna Barnett, City Scene Media Group


“Very helpful to be reminded of what I need to do and to get new hints.” —Bonnie James,  Advanced Reading


Barb Girson is a very talented individual who, after a teaching career, has become a successful instructor of adults through the workshop medium. Barb is enthusiastic, engaging, funny and informative. The presentations she has brought to Jewish Family Services for our clients in an executive-level strategic job search have been top-notch and right on target with inspiring and practical information. Barb is one of those unique people who can mentor an entire audience at a time! She is wonderful.”

Jim Hatch, Career Consultant, Jewish Family Services

Rave Reviews…

“Barb’s presentation at eWomen luncheon provided great tips on following up with clients and contacts. It’s great to be interactive during a presentation and learn not only from the presenter, but hear ideas from the group.” – Colleen Wiehmarschen, Clerical Plus

“Your energy and exciting presentation invigorates me to follow up.” – Ellen Seigel, eWomenNetwork Premier Emotions Coach

“It was really great having you present at TechColumbus. Your insight was incredible and the tools you gave were things which attendees could apply RIGHT NOW! I really want to thank you for bringing such a valuable program to TechColumbus.” – Kay Shabazz, Event Planning & Member Support Manager, TechColumbus

“Great Workshop!I learned more today than most workshops that I have attended over the years!” – Kathy Rausch, Website Design, TekMiss

“Barb is a very energetic, fun, interactive speaker. She has a wealth of knowledge applied to many creative examples.” – Brandon Durbin, Business Development Manager, Proteam Solutions

“I have enjoyed your past presentations. You are upbeat, professional and creative. You are a gift! Thank you for being part of the Columbus business communitiy! I always learn a lot.” – Carline PalQuisc

“I enjoyed your presentation very much. I will pass your name to my company.” – Terri Hannaford, Business Development, Sanese Services

“It was great! I’m looking forward to attending a teleclass.”  N. Columbus, OH

“Great new ideas to try in my sales process going forward from today.” – CORT, Bob Laning, Account Executive

“Good overview of basic sales tactics.” – Robert Longest, Analytics Wireless

“I learned 3 important Cs — how to be creative, courageous and [as Barb says] stamp out my [inner chicken] and fear.” – Poorani Jeyasekar, Kelly Ann Associates LTD

“Good ideas/reminders to become great! I have found myself thinking back to that seminar several times since we met. Thank you again for a memorable experience!!” – Steven Heart, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Accent Information Services

“You are very good at what you do!” – Douglas Henry, The Best Just 4 You

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