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Barb Girson, CEO & President, My Sales Tactics, is a dynamic and internationally recognized sales expert, who helps companies, teams and entrepreneurs to gain confidence and grow sales. Barb’s entertaining/interactive presentations and multimillion dollar-generating experience is what makes her a sought-after authority speaking on women in business, entrepreneurialism, team-building, networking, email marketing, leadership, home-based businesses and direct sales.

Barb Girson will help you get your key messages across in a creative manner. Call on her for meetings, workshop, seminars, luncheons & conventions. She engages, enlightens and lifts attendees – from small groups to platform speaking with thousands in the audience.

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Barb Girson, featured as a speaker for a national annual event (pictured above), offers sales strategies and training to a convention audience. Contact for availability and rates.


Barb Girson is presenting to Pearl Interactive NeworkPIN New Logo

Thursday,  September 17, 2015
Topic:  What is Working with Strategic Networking? (and What is Not Working?)


Join Barb is speaks at Alliance Data on October 20, 2015!ADLogosmall

Topic: Thriving Through Change — Shift Happens with Resilience and Reinvention


WOC coverBarb Girson presented at the 10th Annual “Connections, Community and Career:  A Personal and Professional Development Retreat for Women of Color”

Maximizing Your Stride In Business

We will discuss proven strategies to attain high performance, maximizing business goals and achievements, as well as, examining the importance of a well rounded and balanced professional presentation both internally and externally to support the development of the total package.



Ohio WesleyanBarb Girson presented at Ohio Wesleyan University

What is Working with Networking? (and What is Not Working?)

1)  Discuss the best networking seeding practices
2)  Debunk networking myths
3)  Discover simple tools for networking

Learn how to advance your career and build your business skills!



WELDBarb Girson presented an interactive session on strategic networking at Navigator Management Partners








WELD BarbBarb Girson presented at the WELD Leadership Conference!







Paula Darr President and CEO of Platinum Traveler“Wow, I feel like we are old friends even though we just met at the national conference where you were the keynote speaker. Thank you for everything, and for making my job look easy. You are so organized!

I had lunch with several of the teams yesterday and as we debriefed, of course your training sessions came up. They loved your presentations and your message, and how you embraced their culture. And of course, they are all so impressed with how easy and fun you make sales.

If someone would like to contact me as an industry reference regarding your speaking abilities and professionalism, I would be more than happy to be an industry reference for you at any time.” – Paula Darr, President & CEO, Platinum Meetings (TM)




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