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How to Freshen Up Your Follow Up - Frequency, Fearless and Fish Tanks Unforgettable Follow Up - How to Stand Out, Step Up & Sell™



“6 Ways to Supersize Your Holiday Sales with a Service Attitude”

As published in Party Plan Magazine, a bi-monthly, print magazine for the Direct Sales/Home Party Consultants. Barb is on the cover!


Direct Sales Case Study: Develop Leaders and Increase Team Engagement

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By participating in one on one coaching with Barb Girson of My Sales Tactics™, Ms. Ferreira’s Team became more cohesive.  There was an increase in leadership, meeting attendance and overall… [View Results]

Training and Coaching Programs

Below you will find a brief overview of the available direct sales training programs. New programs are being added frequently so check back often. Don’t see a program that fits your business? The programs below can be adapted to live programs for Leader Retreats, Conventions and Regional meetings. Ask about custom training programs!


Build Your Bookings

Fill your calendar with solid bookings. Discover the tips and tricks of the pro’s to developing solid bookings for your business-including finding potential hostesses, booking parties, coaching hostesses and more. Visit Build Your Bookings™ (4 week progressive skill-building program, delivered once per week)


Share Your G.I.F.T.S.™ & Grow!

Recruiting is a gift you share with others. Would you like to increase your recruiting confidence? Do you want to attract new team members? Do you need help in presenting your business opportunity effectively? This 4 week program will will you develop confidence and build a strong organization. Participate and develop your own authentic recruiting style. Learn word choices to encourage others to consider your opportunity while showing respect to your prospects needs and choices. Visit Share Your G.I.F.T.S. & Grow™  (4 week progressive skill-building program, delivered once per week)


S.T.A.R. Team Building

Become a more effective Leader by building STARS on your team. During this 4 week program we will help you create a system to Support,, Train, Acknowledge, and Recognize your organization consistently and effectively. Learn how to meet the needs of your team members while keeping your personal business and personal time in tact. Once you have a system for team growth, you will find it easier to raise Leaders and grow a strong organization. Visit S.T.A.R. Team Building™ (4 week progressive skill-building program, delivered once per week)


Unforgettable Follow Up

Standout, Step Up, and Sell! Do you need that little extra structure to organize and get your follow up into a system? Would you like to hone your skills on how to be more effective with your follow up calls? Then, this is the program for you! Visit Unforgettable Follow Up™ (3 separate sessions typically conducted to meet 3 times in one day)

Googlize Your Time & Team™

Learn to maximize your Google Team Calendar Use Google Calendar technology to track, train, & inspire your team. Learn Google Calendar operation & team-building strategies. For more details, Visit Googlize Your Time & Team™ (single session with a break in the middle)

Googlize Using Gmail™

Using Business Email Use Google Email to effectively follow up with your clients, your team, your recruits, and/or your staff. Learn to use Google technology to organize and simplify the business process. For more details, visit Googlize Using Gmail™ (single session)


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