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Booking Holiday Home Parties Now – Be Ready to Hear a No Before a Yes

By Barb Girson

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In direct sales and particularly in the party plan business model, booking home shopping parties produces the most sales in the shortest amount of time and gives customers the very best customer service. Although, certain times more than others, asking for a  home party booking can come at a cost.  Enter: The Holiday Season

This time of the year especially people are more likely to say no before they say yes when you ask them to book a home party.  Make sure you are prepared to hear the “no” when you ask for a booking. Do not take this as a personal rejection. This means having to ask twice as many people to book home parties during the holidays than any other time of the year. However it is so worth it.

In addition to regular day-to-day responsibilities, many people add gift shopping, gift wrapping, volunteer work, entertaining, and visiting family, friends and travel to their to do list.

While it is not advised to talk people into anything against their will, delivering a message with a balance of politeness and directness can bring positive results. Simply explain why the rewards may outweigh the inconvenience.

When you hear the word no, lean into it and say: “I hear what you are saying. Thank you for telling me this.” Stay focused on the other person’s verbal and non-verbal clues as you proceed with respect and enthusiasm. Listen for resistance or receptiveness as you offer alternatives.
Don’t carry on, or you run the risk of applying perceived pressure. An effective response might sound like, “I realize this may not be the most convenient time to book a party, however, it is the time when people appreciate my personal service and our comfy method of shopping. Why fight the crowds, pay for parking and deal with a cranky sales person when you could instead deal with me?” (Next flash a fabulous, genuine smile.)

Booking home shopping parties at this time of year provides phenomenal service for your customers and gives you the opportunity to service multiple customers at one time. If someone is adamant about waiting until after the holidays, then offer to secure a date and then determine if the commitment can be counted on. Ask, “Can I count on you to launch the New Year by holding on this date?”.

Be ready to hear no before you hear a yes. Remember do not perceive this as a personal rejection. You will need to ask more people now than other times of the year and keep the value of your service top of your mind.

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Edited by Robyn Brooke

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