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3 Year-end Strategic Business Planning Guidelines for Companies & Entrepreneurs

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By Barb Girson

Does everyone have a good pair of glasses? – Because we have officially and undoubtedly entered the review time of year! As this year ends, it is time to reflect on this year’s accomplishments and incorporate them into next year’s strategic business planning.

Here is a short checklist of activities in which I routinely engage to ensure that my strategic business planning remains on path with my long term business goals.

Each year, my strategic business planning begins with three big themes:  a look back, a look ahead, and what is next?  Please review this checklist, and add your own goals to create your own checklist.

3 BIG Year-End Review Questions for Successful Strategic Business Planning Goals

  1. What worked?
  2. What did not work?
  3. What is my business vision for the New Year?

In each category of your strategic business planning, use the following rubric to assess what worked, what did not work and what you would like your New Year vision to include.  Give serious attention to this process and you will be rewarded favorably in following year.


 SALES – Within sales, you will want to assess:

  • Create and evaluate a process for lead capturing
  • Product and service performance, sales systems as well as new product / services R & D
  • Evaluate your follow up systems and interactions with clients

Year-End Strategic Business Planning - 3 Big QuestionsMARKETING – There is an old saying that goes, “Early to bed, early to rise, work like hell and advertise.”  Advertising provides your business with a constant flow of new clients as well as repeat business.  In addition, marketing promotes brand recognition.

To determine how well your marketing efforts have paid off, look back on the following marketing avenues:

  • Advertising
  • Professional Organizations, Affiliations & Strategic Alliances
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Website Development
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Other

ACCOUNTING – Review expenses, profit and loss statements, etc.

BUDGETING – Based on your yearly budget, are you on mark?  Do you have excess funds?  Are there major expenditures pending?

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT – Are you ready to launch a new product or do you need to add a development plan to your strategic business planning process?

SET UP ANNUAL CALENDAR – Decide what key events will be added to your calendar such as national conferences or professional growth for the year.

PROFESSIONAL GROWTH – Identify three growth initiatives to stretch personally next year.  These are mine:

  1. Accepted President’s role for International Coach Federation Central Ohio Charter Chapter position
  2. Recruited new team members for business development responsibilities
  3. Find one training program to take for professional growth

As you make your way through this strategic business planning process, remember to reflect with honesty and kindness.  Be honest with yourself about your growth and be kind to yourself about your shortcomings.  They are simply opportunities for improvement, and a New Year is a PERFECT time to strive for the best business and the best you!

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3 Year-end Strategic Business Planning Guidelines for Companies & Entrepreneurs

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