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Simple Changes to Big Transformations  (Corporate, General Business, Entrepreneurs, Leadership)

Direct Sales Leaders: Increase Your Team Activity and Engagement – 4 Areas to Focus  (Direct Sales)


Direct Sales Ethical Recruiting – Tell Your TRUTH  (Direct Sales)

3 Tips to Eliminate Time Management Nightmares (Corporate, General Business, Entrepreneurs, Leadership)

Retail Stores Want What We Have – The Power of the Direct Sales Home Party  (Direct Sales)

        What Are You Grateful for Today? (Corporate, General Business, Entrepreneurs, Leadership)

Host Coaching — Are You Maintaining Friends or Creating Frenemies?  (Direct Sales)

Be StrategiRetreat to Reflect, Renew and Rewind (Corporate, General Business, Entrepreneurs, Leadership)

Ten Smart Questions to Engage Your Team (Corporate, General Business, Entrepreneurs, Leadership)

Consistency is the Key – 7 Pointers to Help You Nail It (Corporate, General Business, Entrepreneurs, Leadership)

New Year’s Checklist (Corporate, General Business, Entrepreneurs, Leadership)

5 Reminders for Leaders Leading Change Initiatives (Corporate, General Business, Entrepreneurs, Leadership)

Are You and Your Direct Sales Team Ready for the Busiest Holiday Season?  (Direct Sales)

Directors and Team Leaders: Lead Like a Duck to Develop Leaders (Direct Sales)

Leadership: More Influence, Less Authority (Leadership, General Business)

5 Tips to Party On with Home Parties (Direct Sales)

3 Networking Tips – If You’re Feeling Under the Umbrella and Lacking Confidence  (Leadership, General Business, Sales)

10 Reasons Teachers Make Great Recruiting Prospects  (Direct Sales)

3 Keys to Gain Influence – for Every Leader, Executive and Entrepreneur (Leadership, General Business, Entrepreneurs)

Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals – Smart, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, Timeline-Oriented (Leadership, General Business, Entrepreneurs)

Building Confidence – Stand Up, Speak Out and Silence Your Inner Critic (Leadership, General Business, Entrepreneurs)

Objections to Home Party Opportunities – 5 Predictable Objections (Direct Sales)

Practice turning Objections into Home Party Opportunities – Script Using 3 Triple A Simple Steps (Direct Sales)

Effective Coaching Techniques – Change Your Questions, Change Your Life Book Review & Insight (Leadership, General Business, Coaching, Corporate)

4 Booking Direct Sales Home Parties Secrets from Mr. Petie (Direct Sales, Booking)

Email List Building: 10 Examples –“Stay on Your Toes; Opportunity Flows”

Booking Direct Sales Home Parties with Kanbanery (Direct Sales, Booking)

Understanding Leadership Challenges – Building a Strong Sales Team

Build a Strong Direct Sales Team – Overcome Leadership Challenges (Direct Sales, Leadership)

Direct Sales Home Parties Booking Fitness Program – Shape Up Your Schedule (Direct Sales, Booking)

3 Year-end Strategic Business Planning Guidelines for Companies & Entrepreneurs (Leadership, General Business, Corporate, Entrepreneurs)

Top 10 Reasons for Direct Sales Recruiting This Season (Direct Sales, Recruiting)

Top 10 Time Zapping Habits to Break 10 Keys to an Effective Coaching Experience for Sales Success (Leadership, General Business, Coaching, Corporate)

4 Success Secrets to Improve Direct Sales Bookings (Direct Sales)

My 10 Top Leadership Light Bulbs

Chronic Follow Up Sales Cancellations – What Direct Sales Women Do When Sales Leads Back Out 

Sales Cancellation Checklist – 3 Follow Up Appointment Strategies for those Chronic Sales Call Cancellations

Are You a Business Networking Ninja – 4 Ways to Effectively Network to Build Business Relationships

Make Your Time Your O.W.N.

Before You Close Your Doors for the Holidays – 5 Year-End Rituals

Booking Holiday Home Parties Now – Be Ready to Hear a No Before a Yes (Direct Sales)

5 Ways to Respond to Resistance When Booking Holiday Home Parties (Direct Sales)

6 Ways to Supersize Your Holiday Sales with a Service Attitude

5 Hot Holiday Selling Tips To Increase Your Sales

I Left a Voice Mail – Why Don’t They Call Me Back?

Turn The Beat Around – Take Your First Step Now

Stop the Robo Calls, Watch Your Response, & Tame Inner Grouch

3 Weak Leader Word Choices – Lead Your Direct Sales, Home-Based Team to Be More Responsive and Active (Direct Sales)

Be Hunted Instead of Hunting Three Sales Tips to Get More Referrals (General Business, Sales, Corporate)

Be a Recruiting Talent Scout – 3 Steps to Finding Your ACE’s (Direct Sales)

Falling in Love with the Word ‘NO’!

Would You Like To Beat The New Year’s Booking Blues – 7 Steps to Booking Heaven by Barb Girson (Direct Sales)

My New Year’s 2 Steps To Success by Barb Girson

‘Tis the Season for Family, Friends, & Follow Up – 10 Timely Tips by Barb Girson

Use a Holiday GPS Recruiting System Now to Start Your New Year Strong (Direct Sales, Recruiting)

W.O.W. Your Customers Make Them Smile and Feel Special – 6 Examples (General Business, Sales, Corporate)

What Not To Say When Selling – 3 Weak Word Choices by Barb Girson

Use A GPS Recruiting System Now To Build A Strong Direct Sales Team For Fall By Barb Girson (Direct Sales, Recruiting)

Barbs Better Booking Checklist By Barb Girson (Direct Sales, Booking)

Go, Grow, and Get Gusto To Reach Your Goals – 3 Pointers from a Personal Story By Barb Girson

How To Conquer The 3 Most Common Networking Concerns – Pushy, Perfection, Possibly NO

Spring STAR Team Building Checklist To Be Bigger and Retain Better This Summer (Direct Sales, Team-building)

Follow Up Do’s and Don’ts – 2 Unforgettable Stories

Googlize To Save You Time and Money – List of 18 Benefits (General Business, Sales, Corporate, Time Management)

Using Gmail to Maximize Your Business Communication Strategy

Selling – The High-heeled Approach

Remember Who You Are!

Your 2010 Direct Sales Events & Meeting Attendance – 4 Ways to Build Big (Direct Sales, Team-building)

Success Checklist – 5 Alive Tips for the New Year Success Checklist

Share and Sell Your Gifts – 4 Handy Tips for YOU 

‘Tis the Season for Family, Friends & Follow Up 

How to handle the holiday juggling of your sales leads and your family

5 Steps to Make Your Fall Fairs More Fruitful

Your Fall Success Checklist – 6 Tips to Help You Tame Your Time Management Challenges

Discover the Entrepreneur in YOU

Before You Close Your Doors for the Holidays – 5 Year-End Rituals

Chronic Follow Up Sales Cancellations – What Direct Sales Women Do When Sales Leads Back Out

Sales Cancellation Checklist – 3 Follow Up Appointment Strategies for those Chronic Sales Call Cancellations

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