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My Best Email Marketing Sales Tactics For YOU H (Handout for Free Preview Call 9.10.13) + Email Marketing Concept Development Template

Barb Girson Recruiting Preview Handout H 1010 (Handout for Free Preview Call 10.28.10)

STAR Teambuilding Teleclass P2010 by Barb Girson (Handout for Latasia Director Call 3.2010)

Barb Girson Recruiting Handout 2.2010 (Handout forAttract More Recruits This Spring & Share Your Love)

 Follow Up Handout 12.09  (Handout for Initial Outfitters Preview Call Teleclass, Follow Up & Find Your Fortune)

S.T.A.R. Handout (Handout for Preview Call Teleclass 10.29.09, Learn Tips To Build Your Team Pre/Post Holiday Season)

Recruiting Call Handout 10.09 (Handout for Preview Call Teleclass, Find Fabulous Recruits This Fall)

Demarle at Home Handout 909 (Handout for teleclass, Recruiting Recipe for Success)

Why Becoming An Entrepreneur With Your Job Search Makes Cents JFS_SRJNG_909 (Handout for speaking event, Jewish Family Services S.U.C.C.E.S.S Program & SRJNG)

Why Becoming An Entrepreneur Makes Cents HO909 (Handout for speaking event, Lee Hecht Harrison Regional Entrepreneurial Work Team (e-team)

Follow Up Radio Talk Show Handout (Host Renee Belbeck, Like Minded Moms, interviews Barb Girson)

Download a PDF copy of the article August 9, 2009, The Columbus Dispatch, Barb Girson profile “Laid Off and Loving It”

5 Challenges Women Entrepreneurs Typically Experience (As Barb Girson shared on Fox 28 News)

What’s Working With Networking? (Teleclass 6.29.09)

Discover Your Inner Entrepreneur™ Flyer (Register by 9.3.09)

My Sales Tactics™ Brochure

My Sales Tactics™ Press Release June, 2009 – Finding The Inner Entrepreneur In You

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Discover The Entrepreneur In YOU – From Obstacle to Opportunity By Barb Girson

*Definition: Entrepreneur – Someone who assumes the financial risk of the initiation, operation & management of a business

Today, I am glad and gratified to report that my ability to bring in business, pay my bills (without using savings) and work (happily) every single day is empowering. This lovely professional place in my life was born out of examining and extracting a gift I have had all along; my inner entrepreneur. The road to this invaluable and universal resource involved the use of what I call the three C’s.  The three Cs’ to discover the inner entrepreneur in YOU are:   …Read the rest of the article…Discover The Entrepreneur In You by Barb Girson

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