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Sales Coaching

Do you want to…

  • Increase your sales confidence?
  • Conquer phone-a-phobia?
  • Increase your closing ratio?
  • Develop a confident positioning message?
  • Generate more leads? Convert leads to new business?
  • Hone in on your presentation/speaking skills? (phone, live, on-line)
  • Grow sales?

Coaching can help you…

  • Stretch beyond what you think you can accomplish
  • Think through and solve your ‘sell your products or services’ or performance challenges
  • Clarify your career needs, wants and desires and determine your personal sales strategies & tactics
  • Measure & evaluate your own progress
  • Become accountable for achieving your goals

PLUS you will….

  • Gain feedback in an honest yet respectful manner
  • Benefit from ‘My Sales Tactics™’, insights & experience
  • Have access to an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) (learn more about ACC)
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