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Entrepreneur Sales Circle

Group Coaching Series

Do you want to…

  • Become more confident in your ability to sell your products/services?
  • Get over the awkward or uncomfortable feelings that surface when you ‘sell’?
  • Get a system for your success?
  • Develop a personal style that is authentically yours instead of a canned script?
  • Let your own personality shine through to your business?

This 7-month program includes:

* Curriculum with two group sessions per month

* Handouts with key points

*Recognition and support

Entrepreneur Sales Circle

Build a Business B.U.Z.Z.

Participate in a Customized Small Group Sales Coaching Program

  • Designed for Entrepreneurs/Sales Professionals/Business Owners who want to improve or refine your sales skills.
  • Curriculum includes 2 sessions per month.
  • Small groups are organized for up to 12 people.
  • Programs run for 7 months.
  • Offered Live in Columbus, Ohio and via Teleclass

Barb Girson’s selling formula will help you get a system for success and build a B.U.Z.Z.™ around your business.

Sales Training Topics include how to:

Build qualified leads.

Understand your prospects needs and motivation.

Zen Diagnose – Presenting your products and services with Pizzazz

Zip it up and Close Effectively

Learn how to deliver compelling proposals, handle customer concerns, ask the right questions, improve listening skills and more.

During the seven months we will tackle questions like:

1.    What are the key questions to help you qualify your sales leads?
2.    What is critical to consider when preparing for your prospect presentations?
3.    What are the “Whimpy Words” to eliminate?
4.    What are the “Wonder Words” to work in when selling?


You will take away from this interactive session:

1.    Dynamic insights to frame your sales success
2.    Barb’s best guidelines for your personalized sales process
3.    Learn how to pursue prospects without feeling pushy or being a pushover
4.    Forms, templates, and more!

Be an organizer and identify your own group or get placed with other interested professionals.


SPECIAL BONUS Register by January 15th – get one FREE one-on-one coaching session to focus on your business individually.  This gives you additional support to set up your developmental plan. (A $350 value)


Want to know more? Please email with interest.

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Available in Live and Teleclass Versions!

Once we form our group, we take a poll to find a convenient schedule for our meeting times.

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Full 7-Month Program

Registration Fee: $1499

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Monthly Subscription

Registration Fee: $249 per month

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Unable to attend this program? Send me an email at to be added to our waiting list.  With enough response, another session will be added!

  • Once you pay & register, you will be sent an email with the instructions prior to the call.
  • With Teleclasses, Calls are 45 minutes with 15 minutes of Q&A with Recorded calls available for one week following.
  • Receive email access to Barb Girson for coaching support on related skill development during the program.

What Others Are Saying About Barb Girson’s Entrepreneur Sales Circle…

“So far I have worked with Barb for six months on raising my prospect-to-client conversion rate.   I am impressed with her ability to answer any question I

Picture of Martha Clouse, Professional Organizer, Organized for Life L.L.C

have from her wealth of experience.  Barb is well-versed in the principles and practices that are necessary to increase sales. However, her expertise goes beyond these principles to knowing specific words and phrases to use at each point of the sales cycle.  Many times in our sessions I will be writing frantically to capture the pure magic that flows so easily for her.

The saying goes, “There is nothing new under the sun.”  Since selling is one of the oldest professions, the nuts and bolts are pretty much standard. What Barb has given me are memorable tools to use at each level of a prospect relationship from new lead to close.  My Sales Tactics™ is a complete system, not magnification of one aspect of sales. I now have basic scripts and talking points that have given me the confidence to ask for the sale.  Barb’s techniques work!

I highly recommend Barb as a sales coach. Her ability to encourage while making constructive suggestions gets past any defensive walls. I continue to seek Barb’s counsel in the sales, marketing and public relations areas of my business.” – Martha Clouse, Professional Organizer, Organized for Life L.L.C.

Deborah Sheridan, Owner of“Taking Barb Girson’s Entrepreneurial Sales Circle has not only helped me personally, but has also taken my business to another level. I have not only gained more confidence in my sales skills, but I have also become more at ease in working with all types of people. Barb has demonstrated how to be comfortable in asking for the sale, listening to what the customer is truly saying, accepting that answer and moving on—whether it be closing the sale or graciously accepting a “No” and moving on with dignity.

Barb is very respectful of the time schedules of her clients and her enthusiasm for her work always shows. She also has a knack for thinking outside of the box and helping her clients stretch their present skills to reach new heights.

Barb Girson, of My Sales Tactics, has made such a difference in my business that I am signed up for more coaching with Barb. I can’t wait to see where this takes me and my business.” Deborah Sheridan, Owner, Deborah Ann Bamboo & Global 8 Solutions, LLC,


More Testimonials…

Congratulations to a Few of Our Entrepreneur Sales Circle Grads!

Picture of Congrats to Grads of Entrepreneur's Sales Circle

(Pictured Left to Right – Stephanie Faiella, Barb Girson, Martha Clouse, Joyce Shanahorn)

Deborah Sheridan (left) , Deborah Ann Bamboo & Global 8 Solutions, LLC Barb Girson (middle) Stella Pseekos (right), Styled to Sell

(Pictured Left to Right – Deborah Ann Sheridan, Bamboo & Global 8 Solutions LLC., Barb Girson, My Sales Tactics, Stella Pseekos, Styled to Sell)

Professional Development Series

Entrepreneur Sales Circle is a trademarked program.

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