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Coaching Testimonials

Barb Girson’s Coaching Testimonials

“Little did I know when I started working with Barb just what a positive impact her services would have on my life. I sought out her services to coach me in my new endeavor in sales. I have been working with her weekly for just under three months and in that time her services have impacted my life in ways that I was not even expecting.

As a a Registered Nurse by profession I have always put the needs and wants of others before mine. Becoming a sales representative was a complete change for me as I now had to ask of others. Barb has guided me each step of the way . She has me thinking daily about my goals and taking the steps to reach them, Through her encouragement I have developed ways to deal with others with confidence and conviction.

Just last week I had my yearly review by my nursing manager. I have only been working in this department since July. The Doctor that I work with told me that she knew what she got when she hired me, she just did not know what a positive impact one person could make. For twenty years she has done her staff’s evaluations and this was the first time she given such a good one. Because of Barb personal coaching and using strategies that we developed during our coaching, I received a 4 % raise the highest that one could get. As I said I came to work with Barb for my new endeavor sales. Little did I know how it would shape my future as a nurse as well. Thank you Barb for what you have given me. I value your coaching.”

Debby Ricketts, Registered Nurse, Coaching Client

“Great talking to you this morning. Totally fired up.”

Leanne Sedlak, LMT, Owner,

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