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Coaching – Executive, Sales, Leadership

Executive Coaching: Is it for you? Barb Girson offers executive coaching to help you build skills, improve your performance, and move your career/business forward. Each custom coaching program is designed to meet the needs of the executive/organization using a tailored approach that produces targeted results. Barb Girson is an ICF Credentialed Coach, and a Registered Corporate Coach™ and is serving on the Board of Directors for as the immediate past president of International Coach Federation—Columbus Charter Chapter. Girson has provided contract-coaching, and/or training services to company owners, senior executives, and professionals across numerous industries including highly technical environments (accounting, engineering, law etc.), Fortune 50 and 100 Insurance Industry, Public Services, and Private Membership Organization clients.

Barb Girson’s executive coaching programs will typically focus on improvement to:

  • Engage and mobilize employees
  • Establish networking, sales, and business development personal style/practices
  • Expand impact and cultivate influential leadership (up, down, across)
  • Build high performance teams; enhance teamwork
  • Communicate simply and powerfully; gain executive presence
  • Have success in first 100 days of a new role
  • Advance leadership and strategic planning skills
  • Leading through change initiatives
  • Optimize your business habits (time management, listening)
  • Other objectives as identified during consultation


Coaching projects fees are based upon the scope of the project, length of engagement, selected activities, frequency of coaching sessions and your budget.

Call or contact to inquire about our Small Group & 1:1 Coaching Customized Coaching Packages to help you grow sales and/or advance your career!

We will identify the key areas you want to work on and create a plan from there. To request coaching, fill out our request custom coaching form.

Sales Coaching:

Do you want to…

  • Increase your sales confidence?
  • Conquer phone-a-phobia?
  • Increase your closing ratio?
  • Develop a confident positioning message?
  • Generate more leads? Convert leads to new business?
  • Hone in on your presentation/speaking skills? (phone, live, on-line)
  • Grow sales?

Coaching can help you…

  • Stretch beyond what you think you can accomplish
  • Think through and solve your ‘sell your products or services’ or performance challenges
  • Clarify your career needs, wants and desires and determine your personal sales strategies & tactics
  • Measure & evaluate your own progress
  • Become accountable for achieving your goals

PLUS you will….

  • Gain feedback in an honest yet respectful manner
  • Benefit from ‘My Sales Tactics™’, insights & experience
  • Have access to an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) (learn more about ACC)


Kathy Rausch, TekMiss

My Sales Tactics™

Sales Strategies that Stick

To learn more about small group coaching to build your sales confidence, visit Entreprenur’s Sales Circle and register now for the next group.

Case Study: Develop Leaders and Increase Team Engagement

To request coaching, fill out our request custom coaching form.

By participating in one on one coaching with Barb Girson of My Sales Tactics™, Ms. Ferreira’s Team became more cohesive.  There was an increase in leadership, meeting attendance and overall… [View Results]

Barb Girson’s Coaching Testimonials

“Little did I know when I started working with Barb just what a positive impact her services would have on my life. I sought out her services to coach me in my new endeavor in sales. I have been working with her weekly for just under three months and in that time her services have impacted my life in ways that I was not even expecting.

As a a Registered Nurse by profession I have always put the needs and wants of others before mine. Becoming a sales representative was a complete change for me as I now had to ask of others. Barb has guided me each step of the way . She has me thinking daily about my goals and taking the steps to reach them, Through her encouragement I have developed ways to deal with others with confidence and conviction.

Just last week I had my yearly review by my nursing manager. I have only been working in this department since July. The Doctor that I work with told me that she knew what she got when she hired me, she just did not know what a positive impact one person could make. For twenty years she has done her staff’s evaluations and this was the first time she given such a good one. Because of Barb personal coaching and using strategies that we developed during our coaching, I received a 4 % raise the highest that one could get. As I said I came to work with Barb for my new endeavor sales. Little did I know how it would shape my future as a nurse as well. Thank you Barb for what you have given me. I value your coaching.”

Debby Ricketts, Silpada, Registered Nurse, Coaching Client

“Great talking to you this morning. Totally fired up.”

Leanne Sedlak, LMT, Owner,

More Testimonials…

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