Canceled Appointments Quick Tips for Direct Sales Women & Entrepreneurs

By Barb Girson

Recently, one of my clients asked me for tips to avoid canceled appointments.  She explained that some of the people who booked a sales or recruiting appointment tended to be chronic appointment breakers.  With frustration in this woman’s voice, she sighed, “When do you stop booking sales appointments with those who repeatedly cancel?”

Let me share with you a couple of the appointment booking tips that I shared with her.

Canceled Appointment Prevention Quick Tips


  1. Invest in Interested Clients – Organizing your sales prospects into Hot, Warm and Cold can help determine how important it is to continue booking a canceled appointment
  2. Qualify Your Sales Proposal –  As you work through the sales process, the level of interest may change.  Therefore, by asking if they are still interested and giving them the option to be honest, you can avoid wasting your time and your clients.
  3. Practice Patience – At times, getting the appointment takes perseverance and patience.  It is entirely possible that you met a new prospect at a very turbulent time in their lives.  Under normal circumstances, that same person may be your star lead but due to unforeseen events, she is just not able to commit.
  4. Confirm the term – Once you set an appointment say, “You can count on me, can I count on you?” Even give a good reason for holding the commitment like, I am arranging child care so we can have uninterrupted time to talk. See you then!”


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